Tree-Friendly Pencil Replacement


The Pencil Perfected:


Replaces up to 100 traditional wood pencils


Ultra-compressed nib is more durable than lead so it never breaks while writing!


Just like a traditional pencil, TIP is erasable


Replaceable writing point that never needs sharpening


Solid steel barrel construction for a solid hand feel with an anti-roll ring


One tree planted for every TIP purchased!

The Infinity Pencil

TIP is the Tree-Friendly Pencil Replacement

Each year over 82,000 trees are cut down to make pencils.  TIP’s mission is to prevent further climate-changing deforestation by changing the way pencils are made. Replace your pencils with TIP and help stop further deforestation and for each TIP purchased we will plant a tree to help regrow our precious forests! 

Replaces up to 100 wood pencils | Erasable | No Sharpening Required | More Durable than Lead

One TIP Purchased = One Tree Planted

TIP for Kids

Same great mission, designed specifically for kids!

TIP for Kids is designed with a lightweight triangle barrel to develop a successful writing grip. Featuring a slightly larger ultra-compressed nib, TIP for Kids never breaks while writing and never needs sharpening which reduces frustration while learning to write!

Encourages Better Writing Grip | Erasable | Replaces up to 100 Wood Pencils | No Sharpening!

One TIP Purchased = One Tree Planted


Our mission at TIP is to prevent further climate-changing deforestation by changing the way pencils are made. Our goal to help accomplish this mission is to plant 82,000 trees. This will offset an entire year of deforestation caused by pencil production. Buy a TIP and plant a tree!

Thanks to you, we have been able to plant over 1000 trees!

One TIP purchased = One Tree Planted

“Tree planting is one of the easiest, most effective actions anyone can take to help curb global climate change”. 

- National Forest Foundation

  • Kids

    Learn to Write Pencil

    TIP makes a great writing instrument for young ones just learning to write. With an ultra-compressed point, TIP wont break while writing and helps take some of the frustration out of learning to write. No more constant sharpening or cleaning ink off tables and hands! On top of that, TIP is still fully erasable just like a normal wood pencil!

  • Drawing

    Sketch Pencil

    TIP makes a great pencil for sketching since it never needs to be sharpened. The long point on TIP also makes a great shading tool. TIP is lighter than a #2 and reaches HB on pencil scale.

  • Journaling & Notes

    Everyday Pencil

    Get all the benefits of a regular pencil with none of the sharpening or need to replace lead. TIP will be your next favorite writing tool with its consistent writing and balanced feel. Leave it in your journal and know it will always be ready to write when you are!

  • Woodworking & DIY

    Work Pencil

    The durability of TIP’s point and its steel constructed barrel make it an ideal choice for your next DIY project. No more dull pencils to sharpen just when you need to make that last mark, TIP will always be ready. With it’s anti-roll ring, TIP stays where you put it and won’t roll off your work area.


If you are a pencil or mechanical pencil fan, this is worth adding to your collection for its unique design.

I love the idea of an eco-friendly pencil so was excited to find this. It’s a good purchase for me and I’ll probably buy one for my son to have his own.

I ordered because I wanted to help the environment. This pencil is perfect for a artist or anyone who enjoys sketching, I would recommend this pencil highly for 2 reasons- its earth friendly and perfect for a creative artsy person

Love the pencil and also the cause