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TIP for Kids | Children's Training Pencil

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TIP for Kids | Children's Training Pencil

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TIP for KIDS is the best children's pencil you will find!  Every part of The Infinity Pencil for Kids has been designed to aid in learning to write.  From the very beginning, TIP for Kids will help aid in a correct writing grip, reduce frustration from breaking writing points and is still erasable!


  • TRIANGLE BARREL: Easier to remember finger placement encourages a better writing grip
  • ULTRA-COMPRESSED NIB: The point will not break while writing which reduces frustration for kids and never needs sharpening reducing frustration for Adults!
  • ERASABLE:  Detachable and replaceable eraser included on top. 
  • MULTI_USE CAP:  Protects the writing nib and includes a cutout that holds a phone for use with writing apps and videos.
  • 100 PENCILS IN ONE:  TIP for KIDS can outlast up to 100 traditional wood pencils.
  • TREES:  Every TIP for KIDS purchased plants one tree!


Each year 82,000 trees are cut down to make pencils.  We decided it was time to put an end to this deforestation, which is why we started TIP. 

TIP is the Tree-friendly alternative to a traditional pencil. 

TIP is for trees!  For every TIP purchased, we work with our partners to plant a tree.  Not only does TIP help decrease deforestation, but also replants our precious forest.