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The Infinity Pencil "TIP" | Tree-Friendly Pencil

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The Infinity Pencil "TIP" | Tree-Friendly Pencil

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About TIP

TIP replaces your traditional pencil but lasts way longer!  Utilizing an ultra-compressed nib, TIP is able to outlast and replace up to 100 traditional pencils.  Constructed using two parts, the ultra-compressed writing nib and the barrel, the barrel is formed from a single piece of steel for durability and a solid feel.  It contains an eraser under the top and an anti-roll ring at the top to prevent rolling and drops.  TIP writes slightly lighter than a #2 pencil.


  • Replaces up to 100 traditional wood pencils
  • Never breaks while writing
  • Erasable
  • Replaceable Nib & Eraser
  • No Sharpening Required
  • More Durable than Lead
  • Every TIP Purchased Plants a Tree

Each year 82,000 trees are cut down to make pencils.  We decided it was time to put an end to this deforestation, which is why we started TIP. 

TIP is the Tree-friendly alternative to a traditional pencil. 

TIP is for trees!  For every TIP purchased, we work with our partners to plant a tree.  Not only does TIP help decrease deforestation, but also replants our precious forest.


Versatility of TIP

  • Journaling & Note-taking:  TIP never needs sharpening
  • Drawing:  Allows artists to use the point for lines and the side of the tip for shading
  • DIYGreat for around the house projects and DIY.



    Replaces up to 100 traditional wood pencils One TIP Purchased = One Tree Planted


    Ultra-compressed nib is more durable than lead so it never breaks while writing!


    Replaceable writing point that never needs sharpening


    Just like a traditional pencil, TIP is erasable